.577 Snider-Enfield Rifles & Carbines

Ian D. Skennerton
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The definitive study of Britain's first breech-loading rifle, at first converted from Enfield muskets, then newly made with Mk III breech. The trials, development, rifle and carbine models are detailed; new information along with descriptions of the cartridges. Chapter 1 Snider’s Patents, Chapter 2 The Snider-Enfield, Chapter 3 Early Trials & Experiments, Chapter 4 A Progression of Patterns & Alterations, Chapter 5 Later Trials & Experiments, Chapter 6 The Long Rifle, Chapter 7 The Short Rifle, Chapter 8 The Engineers Carbine, Chapter 9 The Artillery Carbine, Chapter 10 The Cavalry Carbine, Chapter 11 Constabulary & Gaol Carbines, Chapter 12 A Precis of Volunteer Models, Chapter 13 Bayonets for the Sniders, Chapter 14 Accessories and Tools, Chapter 15 Production Markings, Chapter 16 Empire Issue Markings, Chapter 17 .577 Snider Ball, Blank & Shot Cartridges, Appendixes, Section 18 War Office Correspondence in relation to Mr. Snider’s Claim as the Inventor, Section 19 Memorandum on the Contemplated Change of Pattern from Snider-Enfield to Martini-Henry, Section 20 Tabled Comparison between the Snider and Martini-Henry Rifles and Ammunition, Bibliography, Glossary, Index. 240pp.
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