American Rifle, The

Major Townsend Whelen
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From the Introduction: 'This work represents the study and labor of the twenty-five best years of my life... I believe that there is great need for suach a book, a book which will help to make us again a Nation of Riflemen. A nation skilled in the use of the rifle need never fear for their liberties, nor for those hidden dangers which accompany an effete civilization.' Soldier, hunter naturalist, writer, author: Townsend Whelen was all these things for much of his life, and by the 1920s he was generally accepted as an expert on military and hunting rifles. 'The American Rifle: A Treatise, a Text Book, and a Book of Practical Instruction in the Use of the Rifle' is arguably the previous generation's version of Jeff Cooper's 'Art of the Rifle'. Written by a rifleman, for riflemen, it provides valuable insights into the science and special skills of solid, consistent rifle marksmanship, including understanding trajectory and elevation, finding your zero, reading the wind, and all the other fundamentals of rifle shooting at distance that do not change, even though technological changes take place in rifle and ammunition design. Regarless of whether you shoot a Winchester lever action, an M1 Garand, or a bolt-action Remington, this book will help you to better understand how and why your bullet hits the mark -- or doesn't.  637pp.

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