Bayonets of Japan

Raymond C. LaBar
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Japanese militaria collectors and bayonet enthusiasts have long awaited an updated, comprehensive reference work on Japanese bayonets. Well, the wait is over. Bayonets Of Japan is intended to enlighten the reader with a comprehensive educational and pictorial reference for the many variations of Japanese bayonets. This book is a collective effort by Raymond LaBar and other collectors to put into print the information available today and to introduce many new, never before documented Japanese bayonets. Mr. LaBar's 25 years of collecting and researching Japanese bayonets are compiled in this 480-page hard cover book containing over 1100 color photos. It has a sturdy library-style (side-sewn) binding. Table of Contents includes, Introduction, Acknowledgements, Rarity Chart and Basic Bayonet Types, Chapter 1 Japanese Marked Enfields and Copies, Chapter 2 Other Early Japanese Bayonets, Chapter 3 Japanese Socket Bayonets, Chapter 4 Type 13 Murata Bayonets and Variations, Chapter 5 Type 18 Bayonets, Variations and Trainers, Chapter 6 Type 22 Bayonets, Variations and Trainers, Chapter 7 Murata Type and Other Early Bayonets Type 30 Bayonet Introduction, Chapter 8 Type 30 - Tokyo Hohei Kosho (Koishikawa) / Kokura Rikugun Zoheishi Arsenals, Chapter 9 Type 30 - Hikari Seiki Seisakusho Arsenal, commonly known as 'Tokyo Hourglass', Chapter 10 Type 30 - Matsushita Kinzoku KK Arsenal, commonly known as 'National Denki', Chapter 11 Type 30 - Nagoya Rikugun Zoheisho Arsenal, Chapter 12 Type 30 - Riken Kozai KK Arsenal Type, commonly known as 'Nagoya Diamond', Chapter 13 Type 30 - Kaneshiro Sakuganki Seizo KK Arsenal, commonly known as Nagoya Star K', Chapter 14 Type 30 - Aisan Kogyo Arsenal Type 30 Bayonets, commonly known as Nagoya Triangle', Chapter 15 Type 30 - Toyada Jido Shokki Seisakusho Arsenal, commonly known as 'Toyada Automatic Loom Works or TALW', Chapter 16 Type 30 - Jinsen Rikugun Zoheisho Arsenal, Chapter 17 Type 30 - Hoten Zoheisho Arsenal, commonly known as 'Mudken', Chapter 18 Type 30 - Tientsin Arsenal and Type 19 Bayonets, Chapter 19 Type 35 Bayonets, Chapter 20 Child Training Bayonets, Chapter 21 Type 30 - Training Bayonets, Chapter 22 Type 30 - Toyokawa Kosho Naval Arsenal, commonly known as 'Rocking Star', Chapter 23 Japanese Folding Bayonets, Type 44 Carbines and Others, Chapter 24 Japanese Test Type 1 Knife-Bayonets, Chapter 25 Japanese Oddities, Chapter 26 Fighting Knives and Souvenirs, Chapter 27 Foreign-Used Japanese Bayonets - Part 1, Foreign-Used Japanese Bayonets - Part 2, (China), Chapter 28 Japanese Type 30 Scabbard Variations, Chapter 29 Japanese Bayonet Frogs, Chapter 30 Post-War Japanese, Bayonets, Bibliography, About The Author. 472pp.
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