Blaster Handbook 17th Edition

International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)
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The 17th edition of the Blaster's Handbook represents the latest revision of the "classic" textbook of the drilling, blasting, and explosives industries, continuing in the tradition of DuPont. The International Society Of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) bought the rights to publish the Blaster's Handbook from the successor to Dupont's explosive business, Explosives Technology International (ETI Canada) and has extensively overhauled several chapters to reflect the technology of today. In reviewing previous editions, one can see the emphasis of moving from use of dynamite and water gels and electric blasting caps to use of emulsions, ANFO, and shock tube initiation systems. As with any textbook, parts become quickly dated or obsolete (such as discussions of use of watergels... who uses them on a regular basis anyway... pound for pound, ANFO gives you a bigger bang for your buck, discussion of use of dynamite or gas initiated detonation-- Hercules had a good system, but their Hercudet system never caught on). Chapters devoted to use of electric blasting caps and safety fuse for initiation and use of dynamite remain for the occasional user and probably for historical reference, although they have been largely replaced by shock tube, cartridged and bulk emulsion and ANFO bulk trucks. Also largely replaced is any mention of use of products formerly manufactured by Dupont (now ETI), although the authors/editors continue to rely on photos and diagrams from Dupont's earlier editions. This most recent edition neglects to mention the development of electronic blasting caps, which although not widely used, show considerable promise of safety and flexibility in programming the blast. 744pp.

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