Blue Book Pocket Guide for Colt Firearms & Values 8th Edition

S.P. Fjestad
Manufacturer: Colt
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This Eighth Edition Blue Book Picket Guide for Colt Firearms & Values features the following:

  • Convenient 4 ¼ X 7” size makes it the most portable and easy to use book on Colt firearms ever published!
  • All the new 2017 Colt models and variations have been included.
  • Values have been updated and reflect current market conditions.
  • Trying to figure out what Colt’s Snake guns are really selling for these days? Values for Pythons, Diamondbacks, Cobras, Boas, Anacondas, and Vipers have been completely updated to reflect the most recent market activity and trends.
  • At 172 pages, this new Blue Book pocket guide lists and describes almost every Colt manufactured from 1836-2017.
  • Includes both “How to Use” and “Grading Criteria” sections, in addition to an Index in the back.

Why guess when you can be sure?  172pp.

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