British Machine Gun Cartridges

B.A. Temple
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With the advent of machine guns later in the 19th century, cartridge development took on a new importance. Gatling, Gardner, Maxim and Martini- Henry ammunition figure in this record along with the introduction of smokeless powder. Chapters include.. 1. The Search for a Machine Gun, 2. The Gatling Gun Cartridges, 3. Machine Gun Trials, 1879-1880, 4 Experimental 0.45-inch Machine Gun Cartridges, 5. Service 0.45-inch GG Ball Cartridges, 6. 0.45-inch M-H Rifle and MG Ball Cartridges, 7. The 0.4-inch Machine Gun Ball Cartridge, 8. 0.45-inch Cordite MG Ball Cartridges, 9. Blank Cartridges for Machine Guns, 10. Dummy Cartridges for Machine Guns, 11. The Identification of Machine Gun Cartridges, 12. Inspection of Machine Gun Ammunition. 117pp.

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