British Single Shot Rifles, Volume 8: Rook, Rabbit & Miniature Rifles - Later Types & Hammer Models

Wal Winfer and Tom Rowe
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A profusely illustrated and comprehensive guide to early rook and rabbit rifles. In this volume the authors cover the single shot rifles that were made in the greatest quantity in England - more than all other single shots combined. These are the small caliber rifles known as Rook Rifles. A previous book by Colin Greenwood (The ClassicBritish Rook & Rabbit Rifle) has been published, which is excellent, but this book is going to delve into much more detail with a lot more examples photographed. As nothing had been done previously on their larger brothers the Miniature Rifles, and there is so much overlap, we are including them also. When they started this project they weren't aware of how historically important these little rifles were. Covered in this book are the early percussion and air rifle types, and then the fascinating story of the needle fires. Why these were so important to the British trade as well as future cartridge design is covered in detail. Then covered are the various developments in more traditional cartridge rifles through the center hammer break open designs. Also included is a large section devoted to additional information and corrections of material covered in previous books in this series, as well as a few pages devoted to simple photography techniques. As this story is so large they have had to make two volumes, Volume 8 will conclude the story. 416pp.

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