British Small Arms of WWII

Ian Skennerton
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'The Complete Reference Guide to Weapons, Maker’s Codes & 1936-1946 Contracts'. These WWII manufacturers codes and contract details are an invaluable reference for the serious researcher and collector, extracted from original Ministry of Supply handwritten ledgers. Including- Notes on Use of the Codes & Contracts, Rifles; Nos. I, 2, 3, 3 (T), 4, 4 (T), 5, & Fittings, Rifle Grenade Projectors & Sights, Rifles, .22 Miscellaneous, Skeleton Rifles, Pistols & M.G.'s, Shotguns, Air Rifles, Pistols, Revolver; Nos. I, 2, .38 & Miscellaneous, Pistols, Various, from U.S.A., Pistols, Signal, Machine Carbines, Sten, Machine Carbine, Lanchester, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, Machine Carbines; Patchett & Experimental, Machine Guns, Vickers, Machine Gun, Vickers Berthier, Light Machine Gun, Bren, Machine Guns, Besa, Machine Gun, Browning, Light Machine Gun, Lewis, Light Machine Gun, Hotchkiss, Anti-tank Rifle, Boys, Infantry Anti-Tank Projector, Swords, Dirks, Sabres, Epees & Foils, Bayonets; Nos. I, 3, 4, 5, 7, & Sten, Mortars & Bomb Throwers, Dischargers, Projectors & Flamethrowers, Code Notes, Codes: Alphabetical Listing, Codes: Numerical Listing. 110pp.
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