Central Powers Pistols

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Central Powers Pistols is a high quality, hard cover, full sized book with over 450 pages. Almost 150 pistol types, variations and sub-variations are described in word and with over 1000 high quality digital color photographs crafted into 250 pages of illustrations. Color allows the collector to see the normal affect of age on the finish of 89-105 year old pistols (discoloration, fine freckles and patina are visible). Each pistol type is shown on the left and right side and detailed enlargements are shown of the markings, acceptance stamps, and proofs. Serial number and data tables let the collector know how his pistol fits into the overall scheme of production, issue and use. Holsters are covered in illustrations and captions with over 60 rigs shown. The unit markings of over 75 pistols are illustrated and identified. Tables to identify unit markings for the Imperial German Army, Navy, and police and to identify the unit markings on Imperial Austro-Hungarian arms are included. Included in word and picture are the following pistols: Luger DWM: 1902 GT, 1906, 1908-1918, 1908 CA, 1914 CA, 1908 R.G., 1914 R.G.; LP08 1914-1918; Navy 1904, 1906,1908, 1916,1917 1908 CN, P08 Navy; Bulgarian 1900, 1906, 1908; 1900 US Test, 1902 CC Test, 1907 .45cal US Test; Luger ERFURT: 1910-1914, 1916-1918; LP08 1914. Mauser: M1896 Large Ring Trans. Test; M1896 Flatside Test, M1896/12, Red 9, M1896/12 Austrian, M1896 Ottoman, Finnish; Mauser: 1914, 1912/14; Walther:Model 6, Model 4; Dreyse: 9mm, 1907; FL Selbstlader; Beholla, Menta, Sauer 1913, Roth Sauer, Jager, Ortigies. Steyr Hahn: Bavarian, Romanian, Austrian: 1914-1918. Browning: 1900, 1903, 1906, 1910; 1908 Bayard, 1910 Bergman Bayard; Frommer Stop: German, Austro-Hungarian. Frommer Baby. Roth Steyr Steyr, Roth Steyr Fegyvergyar. Steyr 1909; Mannlicher; M 1897 RothTheodorovie. Revolvers: M79 Reichsrevolver: M83 Reichsrevolver; L. Gasser, Rast Gasser. 454pp.

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