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Preferred Customer Discounts!

For those who are avid gun book buyers, we offer incentives. It's called our "Preferred Customer" plan, and here's how it works. Once you've purchased a total of $200. worth of books from us, you'll receive the prescribed "Pref. Cust. Discount" listed under the price for each book, (0% to 15%).  Then, this will apply to ALL future orders (any size) and you'll receive FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $100. Those who reach the $200. mark on their first order, receive their "Preferred Customer" status and discount on that order!


ATTENTION: All Paladin Press books are now officially OUT OF PRINT! Therefore no Paladin books are eligible for a Preferred Customer Discount. If we have missed removing the prefered discount on some Paladin Books, please forgive us, it was simply a mistake.

Once Again


Selection & Service:

We have tried to concentrate on firearm reference, but we do handle a large array of other titles for the freedom lover in all of us. Some of the other areas of interest include; camping, hunting, survival, outdoor humor, and books of a political nature, to name a few. If ever we can be of help in locating a particular book or lend insight into another area of interest, please feel free to call or email, (we return email promptly).


We're not a large corporation; we're just a small, family run business. On the weekends we sometimes attend gun shows, you may have seen us at one. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. through 6 p.m...

Now, for the service part, we do our best to ship your order the very next day after we receive it. However, on rare occasion, we find the book you ordered "out-of-stock." In this case, your order may take longer to ship. Your patience is appreciated.


Price increases and out-of-print notices from publishers are a way of life for book sellers. We try our very best to honor the web site price at all times, but if by chance we can't, we'll contact you before shipping. Prices are subject to change without notice.


We offer some of the most competitive prices in our industry, and our "Preferred Customer" plan is second to none. Unfortunately, our web site shopping cart does not automatically calculate discounts or priority shipping, but "rest assured"...all appropriate discounts will be applied during processing, e-mail us if you would like a confirmation or have any questions. Don't forget to type the word "Discount" into our search feature to see our latest overstock, closeout and discounted books!



Some of you may have noticed that all large businesses such as eBay and Amazon are now collecting sales tax for the state you live in even though they're not located in your state. New mail order/internet laws have been enacted forcing large retailers to collect this tax. On the other hand, small retailers are not required to collect sales tax unless they have a physical presence in the state you're from. What this means for the consumer is buying from small retailers like ourselves will not only reduce the cost of your purchase, but will help small business compete with the large corporations, it's a "win win" situation for the consumer! The idea that larger is better is a complete fallacy. We've been in business much longer than both eBay and Amazon combined, and you will often find the same for other small businesses. With a small business you have more control over your purchase, when you call or email to inquire about an order you've placed you get to actually talk to a person, and in our case you'll be talking with the owner. Our reputation is sterling, and you will find this with many small businesses. Unlike large corporate giants, a small business that gives bad service will not last very long. Helping small business is good for the country as you'll be promoting diversity in service and products. Here in America our capitalist system is the best system in the world, it promotes competition in both price and excellence of product and service. Because of this the consumer (you) always wins, but our system does have one flaw. You see, the problem with a capitalist system is that it often leads to large monopolies. Once a large business has a monopoly, it no longer has to compete, and then it can produce a lesser product, give worse service and charge more for it. This is the reason there are small business associations and the need for consumers to give small business a chance to compete with large business. Ma & Pa businesses country wide are begging for a chance to let you know how good they are. Buy from small business, save some tax dollars, help break up large corporate monopolies, and secure our countries reputation as a place where excellence will always flourish.

Out of Print:

All our books are "current" titles, however, occasionally we still have some books "in stock" after they are no longer available from the publisher, the policy below will supersede all marked discounts.

Discounts do not apply to books that are "Out Of Print" (no longer available from the publisher). If a book is found to be out of print and we can't honor our listed price, we will contact the customer with this informationt. In an effort to keep as many out of print books as we can available to our customers, we reserve the right to refuse sale or limit the amount of out of print books we sell..


Cover pictures are often changed, mid edition, and for new editions (and sometimes for no apparent reason). Most of our books will be the current edition regardless of the cover picture seen on our web-site. If you're looking for an older than current edition your best bet is to confirm the edition before ordering the book. Also, if your looking for a newer edition than is pictured on our web site please contact us to verify what edition (or editions) we currently have...

Value Guarantee:

Preferred customers who find a lower advertised price, simply make us aware before we process your order, and (after we confirm it) we'll usually meet or beat the price (applies only to books over $50)...

Contacting us:

As we're a small family run business, we offer exceptional service. You can contact us by email anytime you have questions or concerns, and we'll return your email right away.

Shipping, Handling & Insurance (Continental United States):

On orders of five (5) books or less, our standard shipping charge is simply $7.95. Please expect $2.00 per book for all books over five. (Preferred customers receive Free standard shipping and handling for all orders over $100.00)... Our standard shipping is via U.S.P.S. (Media Mail) ... Priority Mail or insurance is extra. If you want Priority shipping or insurance, please check the appropriate boxes... Priority shipping will be charged the "actual" U.S.P.S. shipping rates, if you'd like us to send you shipping costs before shipping, simply send us an email stating that. ---Gun Show Books is not responsible for loss or damage on un-insured orders---

Shipping & Handling (Foreign):

Orders from outside the United States will be charged actual shipping rates which cannot be pre-determined, a $5.00 handling fee to offset the cost of processing, and we must insure the package. In addition, there is a $50 minimum order for all orders outside the US.. All foreign orders must be placed either by mail or on our web site (no call in orders). Please email us at with any questions you may have about our shipping policies.


Returns are authorized and accepted for publisher defects Only. Please report defective merchandise within one month of the invoice date. We reserve the right to refund your money, or replace the defective book, at our discretion.

Methods of Payment:

We accept personal checks, money orders, Visa or MasterCard. Credit card orders are shipped the next day, but checks can delay orders considerably. Our P.O. box is checked only once a week. Orders paid for with a postal money order will be shipped as soon as we get it, but personal checks and bank money orders are held for at least 7-10 business days before order is shipped. If you need your order fast, your best bet is to use a credit card. Our shopping cart is secure, and we treat all our customers order information with the utmost discretion

Mail In Orders Sent To Our P.O. Box

All orders sent to our post office box should contain your complete contact info, (email, phone, address, name) and the stock numbers and titles of the books. To reduce delays, it's best to call us before sending order. We can tell you if a book is out of stock and answer other question about your order.

Declined Credit Cards & Canceled Orders:

We package and process before charging your card, so if your card is going to bounce, be aware that we charge a 20% restocking fee to cover the cost of the box that was wasted, and our time to process and package. Also, to defer clerical expenditures, we collect a 20% fee for all canceled orders... Please do not place an order if you don't want the book, it takes time and effort to process your order.

Privacy Guarantee:

Gun Show Books will never sell or give any customer information (without consent) to anyone, Period!

New and/or Additional Titles:

Please let us know how we can better serve you, our customer.

Suggestions & Comments:

Please do not hesitate to let us know the new and additional titles you would like.

We appreciate your business; our goal is to serve you well.

Wisconsin Residents:

You have the privilege of adding the 5.5% sales tax! Yeah!

Best Regards

Bruce Rukstales