Concerned Citizen's Guide to Surviving Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Terrorist Attacks

Fred H. Lane
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The tragic events of September 11, 2001, vividly demonstrated that America is no longer immune to terrorist attack. A little research into the subject of likely terrorist weapons convinced the author, Fred Lane, that Americans were most vulnerable to the threat of nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) warfare. Knowing that the American public was essentially uneducated about how to survive such an attack, Lane has prepared a user-friendly guide for the average citizen that explains what to do before, during and after an NBC strike. Written in simple, easily understood language, this book covers personal protection equipment, decontamination agents and procedures, emergency ready kits, emergency medicines, air filtration systems, emergency shelters and sealed rooms and home preparedness supplies. But knowing what you need isn’t enough, so Lane includes a list of suppliers to help you locate reliable and affordable supplies and equipment. This book eliminates the need for extensive research and condenses volumes of material into a no-frills text that will provide you and your loved ones with the skills and knowledge needed to survive a terrorist attack. 80 pp.

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