Confederate Carbines and Musketoons

John M. Murphy
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Confederate Carbines and Musketoons, identifies, describes and pictures the cavalry longarms made for and used by C.S.A. forces during the Civil War. Includes added chapters on the Le Mat carbines, Southern arsenal conversions of Hall’s rifles, and on the issue of shotguns to Confederate units, the first time ever in print. The Table of Contents includes the following: Preface, The Author: John M. Murphy, M.D., Foreword by Norm Flayderman, antique arms dealer, consultant, and author, Acknowledgments, Introduction by William J. Moore, Director, Greensboro Historical Museum, Chapter 1 Bilharz, Hall & Co. Muzzleloading Carbines, Chapter 2 Bilharz, Hall & Co. Breechloading 'Rising Breech' Carbines, Chapter 3 C. Chapman-Sumner Armory Carbines, Chapter 4 Cook & Brother Carbines & Musketoons, Chapter 5 Davis & Bozeman Carbines, Chapter 6 Dickson, Nelson & Co. Carbines, Chapter 7 Hall's Rifles Altered to Carbines at the Fayetteville Arsenal, Chapter 8 Getty Brass Frame Sharps Breechloading Carbines, Chapter 9 John D. Gray and the 'Columbus Armory' Carbines, Chapter 10 Greenwood & Gray - J.P. Murray Carbines, Chapter 11 D.C. Hodgkins & Son Carbine, Chapter 12 Keen, Walker & Co. 'Tilting Breech' Carbines - The Confederate Maynard or Perry Carbine, Chapter 13 LeMat Revolving Percussion Carbines, Chapter 14 Macon and Richmond Arsenals Alterations of Muskets for Cavalry Service, Chapter 15 G.W. Morse (South Carolina State Military Works) Breechloading Carbines, Chapter 16 Other Alterations of Hall's Rifles to Carbines, Chapter 17 Read & Watson (Adapted Hall's) Carbines, Chapter 18 Richmond Armory Carbines and Musketoons, Chapter 19 S.C. Robinson Sharps Carbines and Confederate Government Produced Sharps Carbines, Chapter 20 Tallassee Armory Carbines, Chapter 21 J.H. Tarpley (J. & F. and E.T. Garrett & Co.) Carbines, Chapter 22 Tyler, Texas Ordnance Works 'Short Rifles', Chapter 23 The Use of Shotguns by Confederate Cavalry (and Infantry), Index. 320pp.

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