Cowboy Shooting

Books on how to shoot cowboy action.

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Gunsite Cowboy Action Shooting (Video)

Gunsite Video

Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West

David Chicoine

Gunsmithing: Shotguns

Patrick Sweeney

How-To's for The Black Powder Cartridge Shooter

Paul Matthews

Indian War Cartridge Pouches, Boxes And Carbine Boots

R. Stephen Dorsey

Loading and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets A Beginner's Guide

Randolph Wright

Loading and Shooting Traditional Schuetzen Rifles A Beginner's Guide

Randolf Wright

Loading Cartridges for the Original .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine

J.S. and Pat Wolf

Loading The Black Powder Rifle Cartridge

Paul Matthews