Death From Above - The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle

Thomas B, Dugelby and R Blake Stevens
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This book depicts and describes seven basic models of the FG42, from the earliest one-off (the Type 'A') through the first or early production series (the Type 'E') with it's distinctively swept back handgrip and intricately machined receiver, then through the initial Rheinmetall redesign utilising a stamped receiver (the Type 'F') to the ultimate if extremely short lived model, the pressed-steel Type 'G', produced by krieghoff and LO Dietrich. Among the many 'bombshells' that the 2007 Addendum drops, are translations of a series of original Rheinmetall documents which challenge everything previously known or assumed about the timetable of the FG42 development. This information, which appears here for the first time, solves some long standing dilemmas but introduces even more new questions about these fascinating arms. A classic in it's own right, surely well deserving of a place in the library of all those interested in German military arms. 228pp.

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