FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons

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After the September 11, 2001, airline hijackings, the FBI started collecting small, easily concealed knives and other potentially lethal objects and from that collection compiled a catalog that has been distributed to airport screeners and law enforcement agencies across the United States. FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons contains photos of each weapon along with a brief description, scales for size reference and in many cases X-ray images to show how the item might look if passed through a scanning device. Now this information is available to every citizen who wants to be prepared to face future terrorist attacks. In this exclusive reprint of the FBI catalog you will see metal, plastic and ceramic knives hidden in pens, keys, belt buckles, jewelry, canes and cigarette lighters, as well as impact weapons disguised as keychains and items hollowed out for the possible concealment of explosives. Whether purchased simply as novelties or as weapons, each of these objects must be viewed with its lethal potential in mind. As citizens responsible for our own safety, we must know everything possible about the dangers that face us, and awareness is the first, vital step in this direction. 88 pp.
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