Firearms, Civilian

Books about all types of civilian handguns, referencing such topics as assembly / disassembly, gun cleaning / gunsmithing, serial numbers, and historical use.

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.22 Caliber Handguns, A Shooter's Guide

D.F. Geiger

.45-70 Rifles

Jack Behn

.50 Caliber Rifle Construction Manual, The

Bill Holmes

1911 - The First 100 Years

Patrick Sweeney

331+ Essential Tips And Tricks (A How-To Guide For The Gun Collector)

Stuart C. Mowbray

44 Henry RF Firearms

Colonel Robert D. Whittington III Ordnance Corps U.S. Army

51 Colt Navies

Nathan Swayze

9mm Parabellum - A History Of The World's 9mm Pistols & Ammunition

Klaus-Peter Konig/Martin Hugo

A Collector's Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and Its Predecessors

David Royal