FN Browning Pistols: Side-Arms That Shaped World History Expanded Second Edition

Anthony Vanderlinden
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FN Browning Pistols, Side-arms that Shaped World History - Expanded Second Edition. So what is new in the 2013 edition... 416 pages with 1645 color and B&W photographs Expanded Biographies chapter Expanded Production Processes and Procedures, especially engraving department Expanded Sales Network and Variants of Agent and Dealer markings Presentation pistols Entire color chapter on factory and military instruction manuals Entire color chapter on factory boxes and presentation cases Entire color chapter on holsters Color section on factory high-grade engraved pistols Expanded Belgian military Model 1900 section New chapter on Colt Model 1903 in Belgian service Revised and expanded chapters on Russian and German use of Model 1900 pistol Expanded contracts on FN Model 1903: Estonian, Salvadoran and Paraguay use Expanded Model 1905 variants and development history Expanded Model 1910 sections on Belgian use, Yugoslav police use and postwar contracts Factory engraved Model 1922 pistols Expanded Dutch, Greek, Danish contracts / variants of the Model 1922 Transition WaA613, WaA103, WaA140 Model 1922 pistols Expanded E/N commercial section and post liberation section on Model 1922 pistols Expanded Baby chapter High Power shoulder-stock buyer's identification guide: prewar, postliberation, postwar + copies The Prewar Commercial High Power with fixed sights Expanded section on Belgian military / Israeli military use of the High Power…. 416pp.


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