German Manufacturer's Codes, 'Waffenamts' and Proof Markings 1934-1945

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'Waffenamt' markings, test proof marks, introduction to Manufacturer's codes, codes-firearms components and accessories, manufacturer's logos on firearms, codes-ammunition and components, codes-bayonets, additional markings found on bayonets, codes-optics, codes-holsters, additional markings found on holsters, codes-accoutrements and misc. items, additional markings found on accoutrements and misc. items, color coded information found on ammunition & ammo carton labels, German ammunition carton labels, possible code & date combinations on P-08 & P.38 pistols, , possible code & date combinations on rifles, observed code markings on 7.92 x 57 - 7.92 x 33 and 9x19, introduction to LDO codes and RZM contract numbers, LDO code numbers on medals and badges, additional markings found on medals and badges, RZM contract numbers found on belt buckles, additional markings found on belt buckles, RZM contract numbers found on daggers and swords, manufacturer's logos found on daggers and swords. We haven't seen this book anywhere else. A TRUE 'treasure' for those interested in Nazi Germany. 87pp.

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