German Small Arms Markings From Authentic Sources

Joachim Gortz & Don L. Bryans
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D. L. Research is particularly pleased to offer this project to English-speaking collectors who have labored with incomplete and often undocumented material for many years. This has not been an easy task. German researchers, notably Joachim Gortz and Reinhard Kornmayer, have spent many hours ferreting for relevant information in hundreds of files. These findings have been edited, befitting concise publication, and we hope that their value to readers - as they analyze their collections - will be inestimable. The reader will note that the book, although titled 'German Small Arms Markings' contains information such as inspection and acceptance procedures and the DMW contact covering production of 50,000 pistols 08. It was felt that these and other matters of interest to collectors should be included. 200+ 148pp.

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