Great Britain: The Tommy Gun Story

Tom Davis Jr.
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Thompson submachine gun aficionados and enthusiasts always demand every last bit of information available on this now classic firearm. They will not be disappointed. Tom Davis, Jr. has researched and documented the British adoption and procurement of the Thompson gun during World War II. When was the first time the Thompson gun was put into active service with the British military? How many guns were involved? When was the first order placed? Who was involved in the decision making process? When were the first guns shipped to Britain? How many - and for what purpose? These questions and many more are answered completely in only the first few pages of this new book now available about the Thompson gun. This book corrects much of the misinformation that has been published over the years. Have you ever wondered what information the pundits used when discussing the number of Thompson guns lost during U-Boat attacks? Did you feel this topic, at best, was a guessing game? For the first time you will be able to review the documented losses of Thompson guns by ship name, date of attack and number of guns lost. Are you interested in Colt Thompsons in British service? Or the early Savage Thompson guns? This is your book. Read what the author has termed 'the war of spares’ between the British Ministry of Supply and the U.S. War Department. Review five official parts lists – some published for the first time. Every piece of information is painstakingly documented via over 350 footnotes, most from information obtained directly from the National Archives in Great Britain and the National Archives and Record Administration in the United States. 170pp.

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