Grunt Gear

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'USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of World War II'. Chapters include 1. Uniforms; P1941 Utility Uniforms, P1944 HBT Modified Uniform, Armored Utility Jacket, 1942-44 Camo Uniforms, Parachute Troop Uniforms, Boots, Leggings, Ponchos, Helmets, I.D. tags 1916-1948. 2. 782 Gear an More; Packs & Bags, Dispatch/Map Cases, Pistol, Cartridge and Magazine Belts, Pistol & Carbine Cart. Pouch, Canteens, Mess Gear, Web Belt Accessories, Tents, Shovels, Flotation Bladders, T-7 Light Anti-Tank Mine Bag/Belt. 3. Edged Weapons; K-Bars, Early Raider Knives, Raider Stiletto, Gung-Ho Knives, Corpsman Knife, Bayonets, Intrenching Tools, Pocket Knives. 4. Small Arms; Rifles, Automatic Weapons, Shotguns, Pistols, Flame Throwers, Bazooka. 5. Grenades and Launchers. 6. Misc. Equip. 680 photos (most in color), 336pp.

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