Gun Digest Book of Sig Sauer 2nd edition

Massad Ayoob
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The Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer, 2nd Edition by Massad Ayoob explores the ins and outs of the SIG-Sauer pistol, covering each and every available model. Each model of the SIG-Sauer has a dedicated chapter in which the attributes of the pistol are discussed, as well as other information relevant to the particular model. Information such as its various calibers, quirks throughout the model’s history, magazine and ammunition options, model variations, price, ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, and much more. This pistol guide also covers developments of the SIG-Sauer over the past ten years, highlighting the gun’s notable features and improvements. In this edition, new chapters explore the most popular new models, and revisions explain significant changes to existing models. In addition to discussing various SIG-Sauer models in great detail, Ayoob provides information on proper handling of the pistol, from loading and unloading, and operating and manipulating the slide, to emergency techniques, tactical reloads, and more. The author goes into the same diligent detail with a chapter on shooting the SIG-Sauer, covering everything from grasp and stance, to alternative positions and advanced techniques. Learn how to safely holster and carry the SIG-Sauer pistol, keep it properly cleaned and maintained, customize it with various sight, grips, and other accessories, and more. A chapter comparing the performance of the SIG-Sauer to other firearms is also included, as well as coverage of the use of the pistol in handgun training, ammunition options, and using it in various weather conditions. If you’re looking for a meticulous and thorough account of the SIG-Sauer pistol, this is it. 285pp.

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