Gun Digest Book of the 1911 Vol 2, The

Patrick Sweeney
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As the 1911 pistol approaches the century mark, it is still looked at by many as the standard to which other pistols are compared. So great is the popularity of this design that it has spawned an entire industry of aftermarket accessories, parts and various other goods and services. The desire for information about the 1911 pistol and its component parts is evident throughout the firearms community. There is always someone learning something new about the 1911 and passing that information to the throngs of dedicated shooters. To that end this book is not designed to replace Volume 1 of the Gun Digest Book of the 1911, on the contrary, this is a companion volume that offers new insight, more tests and further information about the most popular firearm ever designed. If you use a 1911 for sport, recreation or self-defense, this book will expand your knowledge and open your eyes to all the things that the pistol can do and many of the things you can do to the pistol. So far, the options are almost endless. 336pp.


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