Gun Owner's Handbook, The

Larry Lyons
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The book that every gun owner has been waiting for. A gun is only as good as its owner, and far too many are poorly maintained and serviced, even when brought to 'professionals'. For the serious hunter and gun owner, The Gun Owner's Handbook takes the mystery out of gun maintenance. Author Larry Lyons covers every aspect of this crucial part of gun ownership, and brings his years of experience to bear on topics from daily maintenance to trickier technical matters, including: Gun workshop lighting, Tool storage, Bore cleaning equipment, Solvents, Lubricants, Rust prevention, Bore cleaning procedures, Action cleaning, lubrication and inspection, Exterior maintenance, Caring for wood stocks, Caring for synthetic stocks, Scopes, Scope mounts, Open sights, Slings, Holsters, Cases, Misfiring, Sticky actions, Sticking Cartridges, Jamming, Poor accuracy, Rough trigger pulls, Preparing for trips, Field repairs. With advice on barrel inspection, disassembly and repair of all common action types, rust removal, stock repair, and much, much more, The Gun Owner's Handbook will find a place on every gun owner's shelf, and pay for itself immediately. Whether you've just purchased your first firearm or you think you know everything there is to know, you'll find everything from the basics to the handiest tips and tricks of master gunsmiths. 256pp.
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