Guns & Ammo: The Shooter's Guide to Classic Firearms

By The Editors of Guns & Ammo Magazine
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A fascinating collection of articles detailing the history, technology and performance of many of the world’s great firearms, a 'must have' for gun enthusiasts. For the first time, Guns & Ammo Magazine’s Classic Test feature articles have been collected in book form and Guns & Ammo’s technical experts put each firearm through its paces to examine its capabilities and performance. From muzzleloaders to automatics, rifles and handguns, you’ll gain valuable insight into the performance and background of some of history’s most famous rifles, pistols and shotguns. From the 1873 Trapdoor Springfield rifle, the Colt Model 1877 Lightning revolver and the Winchester 1877 shotgun to the M-1 Garand, the Browning Hi-Power and the Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, Guns & Ammo offers an extensive collection of more than 35 classic firearms for your interest and enjoyment. All photo's in full color, showing firearms in detail and action. 160pp.
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