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Gunsmithing And Firearm Maintenance

Books on gunsmithing firearms and related equipment.

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AKS-MAK90-AK47 Semi-Auto Rifles Technical Manual and Armorer's Course #1054 (DVD)

American Gunsmithing Institute

American Engravers III - Masterpieces in Metal by America's Engraving Artisans

C. Roger Bleile and edited/published by S.P. Fjestad

American Engravers of the 21st Century

C. Roger Bleile

American Gunsmiths 2nd Edition

Frank M. Sellers

American Rifle, The

Major Townsend Whelen

Ammo & Ballistics #2 For Hunters, Shooters and Collectors

Bob Forker

Ammo & Ballistics 3 - For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors

Bob Forker

Ammo & Ballistics 4

Bob Forker

AMT Backup (Double Action Only)