Handbook of Reloading Basics

Robin Sharpless and Rick Sapp
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The Handbook of Reloading Basics by Robin Sharpless and Rick Sapp takes the mystery out of handloading your own ammunition, making it an accessible practice for anyone interested in the hobby. Utilize this reloading guide to ensure you’re buying the right equipment and safely handling the components. Not only will this guide get you started in the practice of reloading ammo, but it will also be a useful reference to turn to again and again. Find out which basic tools and equipment you need to get started and get advice on press and accessory buys, component necessities, and benefit from step-by-step instructions for your first time at the press. Broken up into separate sections for both metallic cartridge reloading and shotshell reloading, you’ll get a thorough look at the practices for handloading each type of ammunition. Discover the basic fundamentals of reloading metallic cartridges, and then delve into more specific information about reloading bottleneck and straight-wall cases. Explore the shotshell reloading process for buckshot and slugs, and find out how to account for extreme temperatures when reloading shotshells. You’ll also benefit from an included reference section full of reloading and component suppliers, extra tools that help streamline the reloading process, and specialty equipment for improving shooting and accuracy. Once you discover the reloading basics presented in this helpful guide, you’ll not only find yourself better supplied with enough ammo to keep you on the range and practicing, but you may also find a way to improve your accuracy. 191pp

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