Handguns (Blackpowder-Muzzleloading)

Books about all types of military blackpowder muzzleloader rifles, referencing such topics as assembly / disassembly, gun cleaning / gunsmithing, serial numbers, and historical use.

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Pattern Dates for British Ordnance Small Arms 1718-1783

Dr. DeWitt Bailey

Pistols: History, Technology, and Models from 1550 to 1913

Adriano Sala

Remington Army And Navy Revolvers 1861-1888

Donald L. Ware

Standard Catalog of Remington

Dan Shideler

Systeme Lefaucheux - Continuing the Study of Pinfire Cartridge Arms

Chris C. Curtis

U.S. Civil War Carbines

James B. Whisker, Larry W. Yantz & Dan D. Hartzler

U.S. Martial Single Shot Pistols

Hartzler & Whisker

U.S. Military Arms Dates Of Manufacture From 1795

George Madis

U.S. Naval Handguns, 1808-1911

Frederick R. Winter