How to Customize Your Glock

Robert & Morgan Boatman
Manufacturer: Glock
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You can take your state-of-the-art Glock straight out of the box and start shooting. And that’s what you should do if you plan on using it for personal defense. Nothing you can do will make it work any better in that definitive role than it already does. But what if you want something that makes your Glock a little different from everybody else’s, a little more suited to your specialized needs? The same design simplicity that makes the Glock easy to manufacture and use also makes it easy to customize. This mini-Glocksmithing course by Glock enthusiasts Robert and Morgan Boatman first explains why you would make a specific modification and what you gain in terms of improved performance – or lose in the trade-off. It then presents step-by-step procedures for altering triggers, extending magazines and slide releases, adding new sights and incorporating other alterations for practical carry and use, as well as providing detailed instructions for basic disassembly and assembly, cleaning and routine maintenance. The workbook format makes the manual simple to follow as you work on your Glock, and high-resolution photos illustrate each part and step precisely.Make your Glock work even more effectively for you by thinking outside the box. 72 pp

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