Individual's Guide for Understanding and Surviving Terrorism

U.S. Marine Corps
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As guards for all U.S. embassies abroad, including in the world's most volatile hot spots, U.S. Marines are among the foremost authorities on how to prepare for and prevent terrorist activity. This reprint of the manual distributed to all Marines serving overseas reflects their expert practical knowledge. It contains dozens of simple tips to lower your profile and make you and your family less of a target for terrorists, as well as courses of action you can take should you ever find yourself in the midst of a terrorist incident. Just a few of the tips and tricks you will learn include general characteristics of today's terrorist groups, a complete plan to 'harden' your home and go about your daily routines to effectively diiscourage terrorists (or any crimina) from selecting you as a target, special ways to prepare samples of your handwriting and voice beforehand to help authorities in your identification and safe recovery, a simple thing you can leave behind in a hideout to assist rescuers if you have been kidnapped, the two most dangerous times during a hostage crisis, how you can expect to be treated by the hostage takers and how to best interact with them while you await your release or rescue, a simple 50-cent modification you can make to your vehicle to thwart a common terrorist medhod of rigging a car bomb, the safest floors to request in a hotel to protect yourself from terrorist activity or any other emergency, and special preparedness and reaction guidelines for children. If you want to maximixe your own and your family's safety in the face of today's terrorist threat, learn from the professionals who face this threat on a daily basis. Make this U.S. Marine Corps manual a part of your home-protecton library. 64pp.
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