James B. Lile, The Arkansas Knifesmith, Knifemaker To The World

By Jack Lucarelli and John Henry Hill, Authorized by Marilyn Lile Miller
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For twenty one magical years, between 1969 and his untimely death in early 1991, Jimmy Lile created some of the finest and most original custom knives and other edged weapons known. Along the way, a legend began to grow. For, in doing what he loved during his short lifetime, this modest and likeable man became known far and wide as, 'The Arkansas Knifesmith', as well as 'Knifesmith to the World'. Jimmy's classic Bowie knives, the distinctive fixed blade knives, Jimmy's favorite folding knives including his original patented 'Lile Lock' Folding Hunters, the custom axes, cutlery and other items he made, and -of course- the deservedly famous 'Rambo' series of movie knives, all contributed their part to the Lile knifemaking legend. Thanks to Jimmy's avid following, the desirability and collectability of Lile knives not only continue to this time, but in fact are still growing. Open the cover and discover why the Jimmy Lile legend lives on today. 528pp. (Weighs over six pounds!) Standard Edition; dust jackets with French folds on top and bottom edges, hand-installed over Kennett book cloth in standard colors and finishes, wrapped over 3mm grey binder boards and Mylar stamped on spines and front lids.
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