Karabiner 98k

Bruce Karem & Michael Steves
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Karabiner 98k Volume 1: A collector's guide to the development and production of the German K98k service rifle up to 1938... The K98k rifle was Germany's principle battle rifle from 1935 until 1945. In those 10 years the K98k rifle left its mark on the history of the world. This volume details the design improvements to German Model 98 rifles through 1938 and adoption of the K98k rifle. The Mauser Oberndorf chapter covers all of the commercial models based on the Model 98 action including the Standard-Modell, Banner Mausers, contract rifles from China, Japan, Portugal, and special rifles delivered to German Postal and Para-Military organizations throughout Germany prior to the outbreak of WW2.
To clarify what happened to the other two volumes... In 2006, Third Party Press set out to write a complete guide to 1945 production of the Kar98k rifle. This book was intended only to focus on the last few months of WW2 K98k production. After release of the book Kriegsmodell in 2010, there was a clamor to write the rest of the story. They renamed the Kriegsmodell book Volume 3 and set out to write the prequel to this book. Their first book in the series (Karabiner 98K Volume 1) covers production and development up to 1938. Volume 2 in the series is in process now, and should be available in 2015. This volume will cover the rest of production spanning 1939-1944. Sorry for the sequence these books were published in, sometimes these things happen. Get these two volumes now,  by the time the 2nd volume is published these may not be available, and we're sure you'll want all three volumes…
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