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Fifty Caliber Shooters Association Visit Site
Hits : 1454 since 6/18/2003
Dedicated to Sporting uses of the .50 BMG Cartridge

Gun Owners Of America Visit Site
Hits : 1356 since 6/10/2001
"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."
-Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Visit Site
Hits : 1512 since 6/10/2001
a pro-gun rights group
that supports firearm ownership as a defense against possible tyranny. ...

NRA Institute For Legislative Action Visit Site
Hits : 1431 since 6/10/2001
The NRA ILA is the political and lobbying arm of the NRA.

RPRCA Visit Site
Hits : 1196 since 4/22/2007
This site has been established to promote the interest in collecting modern production replica black powder percussion revolvers.

SASS Visit Site
Hits : 1147 since 1/5/2008
(Single Action Shooters Society) Cowboy Action Shooting!

Smith & Wesson Collectors Association Visit Site
Hits : 1287 since 12/22/2006
Dedicated to the collecting of all Smith & Wesson products from the antique firearms to the most modern arms currently produced

The Remington Society of America Visit Site
Hits : 1954 since 6/29/2001
The Remington Society of America (RSA) is an organization dedicated to the collection and study of Remington firearms, ammunition and history.

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