Living With the 1911

Robert H. Boatman
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'A Fresh Look at the Fighting Gun' Living with the 1911 is like no other book you’ve ever read on the Model 1911 .45 pistol. Written by best-selling gun writer Robert Boatman, a man who has relied on the 1911 personally and professionally for almost 50 years, it is a fresh new view of the greatest fighting handgun of all time. With his trademark wit and hard-hitting honesty, Boatman covers the history, hardware, personalities and politics surrounding the 1911 as no one else can. You will get the lowdown on the “big three” makers of factory-model 1911s and the three leading custom builders working today; exclusive insights from such 1911 masters as Jeff Cooper, Louis Awerbuck and Max Joseph; and a healthy dose of informed opinion on the proper way to carry a 1911, practical vs. sport training, personalizing and tuning the 1911 and the future of the fighting gun. Boatman provides answers to every question you’ve ever had about the 1911, plus some you’ve probably never even thought to ask. Eminently entertaining and provocative, Living with the 1911 is destined to become a classic addition to the canon of books on the most exalted combat handgun in history. 144pp. Robert H. Boatman is a native Texan who has carried a gun since he was 14 years old, professionally and otherwise. He has been a political strategist, VIP bodyguard, advertising executive, undercover cop, publisher and editor, freelance journalist and crusading newspaperman. He writes extensively for NRA, law enforcement and conservative political publications.


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