Living with the Big .50

Robert H. Boatman
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The 50-caliber rifle is infinitely more powerful than any other shoulder-fired rifle on the planet. No matter how you measure energy or stopping power, the .50 BMG is well off the charts. In the hands of police and military snipers, it can reach out, over, through and into places and things no other rifle can come close to approaching. In the world of civilian shooters, a rapidly growing international group of competitive marksmen cover five-shot groups on targets 1,500 yards away with the palms of their hands. For hunters, it’s possible to kill a bull elk cleanly at more than 900 yards with the .50 BMG. Living with the Big .50 is the most thorough book ever written on this powerhouse rifle. Author Robert Boatman takes the reader out to the range and examines the single-shot, bolt-action, semiautomatic and full-auto variations of the rifle; advanced and specialized ammunition for military, police, competition and hunting applications; and recoil compensators, muzzle brakes, sound suppressors and other heavy-duty accessories. He then documents the words and wisdom of 13 of the biggest names in 50-caliber shooting today, including premier rifle builders Robbie Barrkman and Rock McMillan and renowned shooters Skip Talbot and Max Joseph. Perhaps more than any other firearm, the Big .50 is under assault by gun banners who see no 'legitimate purpose' for such a powerful rifle. Read this book and learn not only its many purposes but why it is vital that free citizens maintain the right to own one. 176 pp.

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