Mac Man: Gordon B. Ingram and His Submachine Guns

Frank Iannamico and Don Thomas
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THE MAC MAN: Gordon B. Ingram and His Submachine Guns is filled with amazing stories and surprisingly gripping technical data. The briefcase version of the MAC 10 was used by the CIA and drew the attention of John Wayne, who used it in the film McQ. The story of when Mr. Wayne first fired the weapon is one of the most entertaining accounts ever told. The MAC 10 has been significantly featured in many other films throughout it's history, These films include great cinema endeavors like Scar Face, Pulp Fiction, Beverly Hills Cop 3, True Romance, Three Days of the Condor, Falling Down, Desperado, True Lies, The Bourne Identity and a many many others. Gordon Ingram has (and will always) be included when talking about other great firearm inventors such as Uzi Gal, Mikhail Kalashnikov and Gene Stoner as one of the most well known small arms designers of this era. This is the full story on Gordon Ingram and his machine guns. For the first time it's all told, and in one place. Read the details about Ingram's revolutionary designs: From the Model 6, M10, M11, MAC, RPB, and SWD... it's all here. The travels, the designs, the silencers, Sionics, the international intrigue, the characters, the deals. Over 520 pages, many photos! Own this piece of modern arms history. 520pp. WE PACKAGE BULLET PROOF. THIS IS A NEW BOOK AND IT WILL ARRIVE TO YOU IN PERFECT CONDITION.

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