Machinist's Guide to the Thompson Submachine Gun, The

Peter Linton
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The classic Thompson Submachine Gun is certainly thought by many to be the most famous gun of all time. Without a doubt all other submachine guns must play second fiddle to its grandeur. First made famous in Hollywood Gangster Movies of the Roaring 20’s and adopted by a number of US Law Enforcement Agencies during prohibition, it was a gun that only the wealthy could afford. World War 2 changed that, with the British putting it to good use. After Pearl Harbor the Americans too lost no time taking advantage of it prowess as a "Trench Broom", and it served the effort well. This book takes you deep into the inner workings of the Thompson, showing the reader exactly what is required to make all the machined components of this fine firearm. Detailed Engineering drawings and beautifully photographed pictures show all the components required for a complete Thompson including complete accurate measurements. Not only will this book provide sessions of captivating entertainment, for everyone interested in military firearms, but it's sure to become the most sought after text for anyone interested in the mechanical workings of this most historical firearm. Simply a must for all Thompson Collectors and Enthusiasts. 184pp.

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