Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual

Nick Harvey
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This book provides you with comprehensive loading data tables for rifles and handguns using all of the range of components availalble in this country. It takes in all the very latest calibres, as well as those that have been in popular use for many years. You will find here how to: - correctly set up and adjust dies - select and use reloading equipment - reload in safety, while gaining the best performance and accuracy - choose your bullets for various types of game - get your facts right about primers and cartridge cases In addition, there is a full fun-down on a wide range of propellant powders and their suitablility for different calibres. The book's simple format is easy to follow. It gives starting loads that can be adhered to - and, from this, the handloader can work up his loads for greater velocity and power, although maximum loadings are only given to indicate where to stop. Nick Harvey has provided a much-wanted book for every shooter who reloads or is thinking of reloading his own cartridges over and over again… buit is is also a safety-conscious book that constantly warns against being 'velocity happy'.  237pp.
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