Orvis Guide To Gunfitting, The

Tom Deck
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Techniques to Improve Your Wingshooting, and the Fundamentals of Gunfit. The Orvis Guide to Gunfitting is required reading for anyone who enjoys shotgun sports. This easy-to-follow manual explains the nuances of gunfit clearly through analysis of technique and can greatly improve a shooters ability and effectiveness in the field by teaching the Orvis Method of creating a smooth, accurate shooting style. The reader will learn how to match his or her shotgun to correct body movement and discover why gunfit and proper training are inseparable. Shotgun shooters can develop numerous bad habits, due to poor form or a mismatched gun, while shooters new to the sport who have little experience with shotguns, or a lot of experience with rifles, often find that mounting and swinging a shotgun defy the instinct to aim and shoot. Author Tom Deck, who has diagnosed the problems of many students in his Orvis Shooting Schools, understands these issues. With this book he seeks to break down problems and build a new shotgun shooter from the ground up, from proper foot placement to the way a shooter sees and comprehends a clay target or bird. Great shooters aren't born, they're made, by capitalizing on natural talents and a willingness to learn, and that's where the Orvis Method comes in. Just relax, and always keep the shotgun moving. 176pp.
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