Pistols: History, Technology, and Models from 1550 to 1913

Adriano Sala
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This book covers the history and technology of different models from 1550 to 1913, including the evolution of pistols from the very first that lit up with a wick, to the drum and automatic of the modern age. Includes pistols from the United States, United Kingdom, Albania, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Scotland, and Japan. Features such greats as the Colt Army 1860, Le Page, Remington Parlor, Tedesco da tiro, and Volcanic Repeating Arms 8'. 'Pistols' covers one-shot pistols, pistols with one barrel but multi-shot, those with two or more barrels, drum and automatic pistols, and specializations for duels, target shooting, and more. Brilliantly photographed examples came from the Civic Museum in Venice, Italy; the Royal Armory in Turin, Italy; the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; the Tojusmuseet Army Museum in Copenhagen; and many other museums and private collections. 280pp.
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