Pitman Notes Vol. 4 (On U.S. Martial Small Arms And Ammunition, 1776-1933)

Brig. Gen. John Pitman, U.S. Army Ordnance Dept.
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The Meticulous drawings, notes and studies compiled by General Pitman in this 5 volume set are recorded with unparalleled thoroughness, exactly as presented in his original notebooks. His heretofore unpublished papers reveal that he began his work as early as 1868. The level of detail could only have been done by a man impassioned by the material and his research. Vol 4 contains U.S. magazine rifles and carbines, cal .30. More than 350 illustrations, including experimental, proof, gallery practice, pressure test & .22 cal. Carts., a Morris tube for the Krag. 194pp.
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