Politics Of Consciousness

Steve Kubby
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The War on Drugs is in reality a War on Freedom. It is a war that brings misery to millions of Americans, far out of proportion to any real threat from the drugs themselves. Through the misguided efforts to stem the rising tide of drug use, our government has created a lucrative industry for gangsters and violent criminals while generating the wider use of harder, even more addictive and violent drugs. Under the banner of the War on Drugs, we have subsidized criminal activities and created a new police state, with more people behind bars than any other country in the world. Over 400,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana possession. Right now, at least 600,000 of our fellow citizens are rotting in American jails for acts that would never have been considered crimes until sixty years ago. It is to these American POWs, these prisoners of the War on Freedom, that this book is dedicated. Yes, drugs can be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as armed government agents who trash the Bill of Rights, kick down doors, seize private property and drag otherwise honest and decent citizens off to jail. Our Founding Fathers would never have allowed this War on Freedom and neither should we. It's time for us to stop playing on people's fears and come up with a saner policy on drugs. 160pp.
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