Propellant Profiles 6th Edition

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The most convenient and comprehensive reference available to American reloaders from the last 45 years. Includes manufacturers and authors' recommended loads and tips. Newly revised and updated to include the newer and discontinued powders as well as 71 additional powders not mentioned in the fifth edition. Table of Contents ACCURATE POWDERS No. 2 No. 5 No. 7 No. 9 1680 2015BR 2015 2200 2230-C 2230 2460 2495 2520 2700 3100 4064 4100 4350 All Those 4350s Brigadier 4351 LT-30 Lt -32 Magpro MP-5744 MR-223 MR-2460 MR-2520 MR-3100 MR-8700 Nitro 100 Nitro 100 NF Solo 1000 XMP-5744 XMR-4064 ALCAN AL-5 AL-7 AL-8 AL-120 ALLIANT (Formerly Hercules) American Select American Select for Cowboy Action Shooting AR-Comp BE-86 Black MZ Blue Dot Bullseye Clay Dot Green Dot Herco Powder Pistol Power Pro 300-MP Power Pro 1200-R Power Pro 2000-MR Power Pro 4000-MR Power Pro Varmint Red Dot Red Dot in Handgun Cartridges Reloder 7 Reloder 10x Reloder 12 Reloder 15 Reloder 17 Reloder 19 Reloder 21 Reloder 22 Reloder 23 Reloder 25 Reloder 26 STEEL Unique 410 2400 ARCO Black Mag 3 BLACK POWDER Black Powder GOEX Cowboy Olde Eynsford Black Powder Pinnacle HODGDON BL-C Lot 2 BL-C (2) Benchmark CFE 223 CFE Pistol Extreme Powders H-110 Spherical H-205 H-322 H-335 Spherical H-380 H-414 H-414 and Winchester 760 H-450 H-870 H-1000 H-4198 H-4227 H-4350 H-4831 H-4831 SC H-4895 Hi-Skor 700-X (formerly IMR) Hi-Skor 700-X and 800-X (formerly IMR) Hi-Skor 800-X (formerly IMR) HP-38 HS-5 HS-6 HS-7 and TRAP 100 Hybrid 100V International Clays, Universal Clays and Clays Hodgdon Clays LEVERevolution Lil'Gun Longshot in Metallic Cartridges Pyrodex - A Replica Black Powder Pyrodex Select Retumbo SUPERFORMANCE TITEGROUP TITEWAD Trial Boss (formerly IMR) TRAP 100 Universal Varget X-58 IMR (formerly DuPont - now owned by Hodgdon) Hi-Skor 700-X (rebranded to Hodgdon) Hi-Skor 700-X and 800-X (rebranded to Hodgdon) Hi-Skor 800-X (rebranded to Hodgdon) IMR-3031 IMR-4007 SSC IMR-4064 IMR-4166 IMR-4198 IMR-4227 IMR-4320 IMR-4350 IMR-4451 Enduron IMR-4831 IMR-4895 IMR-4955 IMR-7828 IMR-7828 SSC IMR-7977 IMR-8208 XBR PB SR-4756 & SR-7625 Versatile SR Powders SR-4759 SR-7625 Trail Boss (rebranded to Hodgdon) NORMA New Shotshell Powders, PLUS many other powders by THUNDERBIRD, VIHTAVUORI, WESTERN POWDERS & WINCHESTER. 576pp.

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