Remington 870 Series Pump Shotgun Armorer's Course, Maintenance and Technical Video #111 (VHS)

American Gunsmithing Institute
Manufacturer: Remington
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You'll find an 870 shotgun in just about every patrol car in America and hunters own about a million more. Rugged and reliable this shotgun is popular for conversion to a home defense shotgun. After watching this course you can take your 870 and repair it or tune it up for home defense, hunting or competition. Learn complete disassembly, reassembly, how to check for worn or broken parts and what parts you'll need to keep on hand. Firing pin breakage is common on this shotgun and we'll show you how to distinguish between an old style and a new style firing pin and what to do with each. Feeding can also be a problem. An explanation and demonstration of cartridge stop timing is provided using a cutaway gun.  95mins.
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