Rider's Problem Solver, The

Jessica Jahiel, Foreward by Sally Swift
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Your Questions Answered: How to Improve Your Skills, Overcome Your Fears, and Understand Your Horse The average rider doesn't have Olympic aspirations and a $10,000 horse. Most riders just want to learn as much as they can about horses, to ride as well as possible, and to enjoy the companionship of their equine partners. Many riders, however, feel frustrated with their lack of progress, struggle with uncomfortable tack or painful joints, or find themselves losing confidence after a frightening experience. In her informal yet informative style, clinician and equine behavior expert Jessica Jahiel addresses numerous rider concerns, from head (properly fitting a helmet) to toe (breaking in a pair of stiff new boots) and everything in between (those aching knees). She presents real-life situations and addresses them in comprehensive detail, offering proven solutions to common problems. 373pp.

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