Rifleman's Guide to Rimfire Ammunition, The

Steven Boelter
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'An important fact to bear in mind is that all the ammunition tested was right out of the box and was not modified or segregated for any reason. No consideration to lot number was used, and all the ammunition tested was purchased from random ammunition dealers, sporting goods stores, and local gun shops. By not purchasing directly from the ammunition manufacturer and avoiding any 'writer's samples,' I was able to ensure that the ammunition manufacturer did not have the chance to select a special lot just for this book, and more so, the different ammunition manufacturers were not even aware of this project while it was underway. This kind of random testing lets the reader know that this is the same type of ammunition that can be purchased on a daily basis.' Test rifles included a $4000.00 custom-built Turbo benchrest rifle (many-time match winner), custom-built Volquartzen 10/22s, SAKO competition and sporting rifles, and Anschutz competition and sporting rifles. Each test rifle was chosen not only for its proven and predictable performance but also its realistic application given the ammunition type being fired. These test results are representative of what a serious shooter can expect to see in actual use. All sporting rounds were tested not only for performance on target but also for performance in target. This took the form of firing through a potato placed in front of a bullet trap. Impact action as well as penetration were noted and recorded. Recovered bullet weights and expanded bullet diameters were also recorded and made part of the evaluation cards for each sporting round tested. In addition, special testing was performed using a consistent ballistic media to evaluate wound channels and impact characteristics of many of the popular field use rounds in .22 long rifle, magnum, and the .17 calibers. Even .22 Short got its turn. The majority of the testing was done with .22 Long Rifle. However, each and every brand of .22 WMR ('.22 magnum'), .17 Mach 2, .17 Aguila, and .17 HMR were also tested using the same methodology. Distances were adjusted based on the capacity and use intent of the rounds. Even the specialty rounds such as CB, BB, and .22 Short rounds were put through the very same testing procedures as the 'big' rounds. This was done, of course, not only in the interest of covering the entire spectrum of rimfire ammunition, but also as a means of recording the performance of all ammunition. Many of the results may surprise you! 352pp.

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