Rifles (Blackpowder-Muzzleloading)

Books about all types of military blackpowder muzzleloader handguns, referencing such topics as assembly / disassembly, gun cleaning / gunsmithing, serial numbers, and historical use.

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Muskets of the Revolution and the French & Indian Wars

Bill Ahearn

Pattern Dates for British Ordnance Small Arms 1718-1783

Dr. DeWitt Bailey

Red Coat and Brown Bess, Historical Arms Series # 12

Anthony D. Darling

Rifle Ammunition

Arthur B. Hawes

Rifles of the U.S. Army 1861-1906

John D. McAulay

Small Arms ID Series #20: .577 Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket & Snider-Enfield

Ian Skennerton

Small Arms of the British Forces In America 1664 - 1815

De Witt Bailey

Snider-Enfield Rifle, The, Historical Arms Series # 24

Charles J. Purdon

Snider-Enfield, The, Historical Arms Series # 2

Charles J. Purdon