Rifles (Cartridge-Type)

Books about all types of civilian smokeless powder cartridge rifles, referencing such topics as assembly / disassembly, gun cleaning / gunsmithing, serial numbers, and historical use.

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Build Your Own AR-15

Duncan Long

Building Double Rifles on Shotgun Actions (Second Edition)

W. Ellis Brown

Bullard Firearms

G. Scott Jamieson

Burgess Long Range Repeating Rifle Model 1878, The

Dale Olson

Classic British Rook & Rabbit, The

Colin Greenwood

Classic Sporting Rifles

Christopher Austyn

Cogswell & Harrison

Graham Cooley & John Newton

Colt Rifles & Muskets 1847 to 1870

Herbert Houze

Competitive AR15 Builders Guide, The

Glen D. Zediker