Sporting Shotgun, The

Robin Marshall-Ball
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This is the revised and completely updated edition of Marshall-Ball's bestseller, which came out in the early eighties. The history of the sporting shotgun began with Henry Nock’s patent in 1797 , and The Sporting Shotgun follows its development to the present day. This is a book on working guns for the average shooting public and it is crammed with invaluable information on the evolution of the modern shotun; side-by-sides; over-and- unders; repreaters and automatics; the workings of a shotgun; and ballistics. Some sample chapters include 'Shooting in Britain,' 'Shotgun Shooting in Europe,' and 'The Sporting Shotgun in North America.' This is a must-have book for every shooting enthusiast and is a companion to the acclaimed The Sporting Rifle. 208pp.
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