Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms

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THE STANDARD CATALOG OF COLT FIREARMS, gives beginning and experienced collectors everything needed to enjoy the fascinating world of Colt firearms: descriptions and accurate values for the legendary firearms that won the Civil War, settled the Wild West and fought tyranny around the globe. Colt, the very name evokes visions of brave men in blue and gray, on dusty cattle drives, and in grim battlefields far from home. From the Texas War of Independence to modern-day conflicts in Baghdad and Afghanistan, Colt firearms have earned their place in history. For the collector, for the shooter, for the historian, there's no more entertaining, informative book than The Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms. From the first Paterson revolvers of the 1830s to the latest Colt-built M16s, you'll find it here. color 288pp.

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